Tuesday, February 3, 2009

All wrapped up

It is great when function and style collide. In these winter months keep warm with a chunky and textured scarf of great volume and presence, such as these:

Love the proportions of this look as a whole, and really diggin' the kicks.

The sheer weight of this scarf is great!

A scarf with great texture and like the grey with the tan.

This is a bit unconventional but I like it in theory.

Great texture and volume in this one.

Influential Individuals: Sean Avery

“Influential Individuals” will be an ongoing post of people that for one reason or another I find interesting and influential; and as I am Canadian and this blog deals with design and a passion for it, I decided to start with Sean Avery – yes the hockey player.

The reason for this is that many feel an interest in fashion or design somehow lessens a man’s masculinity, and Sean Avery contradicts just that. Sean Avery a hockey player known for his skills on the ice, “distracting” other players, among other things, has made him a reviled player; and yes, he admits he like clothes and always has. He doesn’t watch or read about sports, and over breakfast when on the road with the Rangers he read the Style section in The New York Times. This passion or interest led him to pursue an internship at Men’s Vogue – which he did in summer 2008 (I’m somewhat jealous!).

Sean Avery said it well when discussing the verbal abuse he takes from others about his interest in fashion: “I think it sounds a little frightening to narrow-minded blockheads… they think it's what they're supposed to think”.

Thanks Sean Avery for broadening the minds of those blockheads!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Store Frontin'

A stores atmosphere - its visual esthetic - can make or break a store, especially when its brand is not well known. Visuals done right can envelope a customer in its brand and create an emotional attachment. Visivm founder, Hiroki Nakamura, achieves just that; leaving us with a preview into what appears to be calm, minimal, and fresh spring 2009.

Lovely Ladies

This is going to be an ongoing post of "Lovely Ladies". My decision to start with these two ladies in particular defies the stereotypical ideal. Both ladies are wearing outfits of considerable volume and multiple layers, but it is all done impeccably (but these looks can not be pulled off by the masses). What is taken away from this, is that a punch of color is a good rule-of-thumb to catches the eye; while, when playing with great volume, especially on top and bottom, a belt helps keeps it pretty and feminine.

Eye Candy

No, the glasses. Glasses with strong frames are becoming more prevalent lately and I really like the look of them. A strong frame can make a face more architectural.

Mad Hatter

A hat can “up-the-ante” of a look or outfit, but u need to wear it with confidence; and remember a hat is a tricky thing to pull off so must be purchased with a critical and truthful eye.