Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Taste of Inspiration

I truly believe that inspiration can come for anywhere; just open your eyes. A French Macaroon can be the colour inspiration for the perfect colour combination.

I Shawl

A cardigan with a shawl collar is a great in-between-seasons piece. Between winter and spring, it is warm enough to get you through the cold mornings and nights.

Interiors: Stockholm Apartment

The Swedish just get it right - a beautiful Stockholm Apartment!

Getting Booted...

With the current state of the economy it is not what you think. A boot is a great style statement – current, new, edgy, and forward thinking. Just what the economy needs.

Interiors: Paul Massey Home

Paul Massey is a UK interiors photographer who started taking photos at the age of 5. His track record includes features in Elle Decoration, Living Etc, GQ, Vogue, The Times, The Observer, The New York Times, just to name a few. With this amazing body of work - which can be viewed @ – it is not surprising his house look like this. Breathtaking!

Hand Made

Just by adding a pair of gloves can add an air of sophistication, class, and cool.